VRMA Staff

    If you have a general question, request for information, or need assistance, please contact us at +1 (202) 367-1179, or email vrma@vrma.org. For a specific department or individual, please see below. The VRMA staff makes every attempt to respond to inquiries within one business day.

    No solicitations, please.

    Members should add vrma@vrma.org and vrhp@vrma.org to their safe-sender list to ensure they receive emails from VRMA.


    Kimberly.png Sara.png Kevin.png

    Kimberly Miles

    Executive Director
    Email Kimberly

    Sara Haukap

    Events Director
    Email Sara

    Kevin Hurley

    Marketing Director
    Email Kevin

    Lydia.png alex.png Garrett.png

    Lydia Kamicar

    Education Director
    Email Lydia

    Alex McIntyre

    Government Affairs Senior Coordinator
    Email Alex

    Garrett Sheehan

    Membership Director
    Email Garrett


    VRMA Staff.png Emily.png

    Megan Gailes

    Education and Certification Associate
    Email Megan

    Emily Uligian

    Education Manager
    Email Emily


    Kenny.png Olivia.png Jackie.png

    Kenny Brodbeck

    Events Manager
    Email Kenny

    Olivia Jallits

    Events Manager
    Email Olivia

    Jackie Janus

    Tradeshow Manager
    Email Jackie

    Anna.png Madie.png Brooke.png

    Anna Pirtan

    Events Associate
    Email Anna

    Madie Rowe

    Events Associate
    Email Madie

    Brooke Shuler

    Exhibitor Liaison
    Email Brooke

    Rylee.png Carolyn.png

    Carolyn Kline

    Corporate Sponsorship Manager
    Email Carolyn

    Andrew Crawford

    Corporate Sponsorship Associate
    Email Andrew


    VRMA Staff (2).png Taylor.png Alexa.png

    Jessica Byrnes

    Marketing & Social Coordinator
    Email Jessica

    Taylor Collison

    Marketing Manager
    Email Taylor

    Alexa Schlosser

    Editor-in-Chief, Arrival
    Email Alexa

    Dani.png Phil.png

    Dani Damario

    Associate Editor, Arrival
    Email Dani

    Phil Montwill

    Brand Manager & Graphic Designer
    Email Phil



    KevinM.png Patrick.png

    Kevin McDonnell

    National Sales Manager
    Email Kevin

    Patrick Goar

    Technology Manager
    Email Patrick