VRMA Terms & Conditions

    Event Location in Florida

    This message is to address questions about our decision to hold the VRMA International Conference in Florida despite recent legislation limiting the rights of LGBTQIA+ and other minority groups. Our primary objective is to serve our members by creating a platform for knowledge sharing, collaboration, and promote progress within our industry. We firmly believe that by bringing together diverse perspectives and fostering meaningful dialogue, we can drive positive change and innovation.

    Choosing a location for our event is always a meticulous process, involving numerous factors such as accessibility, venue availability, logistical feasibility, and the potential to maximize participation. In this instance, Florida presented itself as a compelling option that met many of our requirements and was booked several years out. We understand that individual perspectives may differ, and we respect the diversity of opinions within our community. However, we urge you to attend and approach the event location with an open mind, embracing the chance to engage in thoughtful conversations that can contribute to personal and professional growth. We look forward to seeing you in the Sunshine State!

    Event Cancellation by VRMA

    If for any reason beyond VRMA’s control VRMA determines an event must be cancelled, shortened, delayed, dates changed, or otherwise altered or changed, Participant understands and agrees that VRMA will only refund any portion of the registration fee which VRMA is reimbursed by insurance or other third party and shall not be liable for any other refund or payment arising from the cancellation or for other liability or damages arising from the event.  Participants understand that it may lose all monies it has paid to VRMA for participation in events, as well as other costs and expenses it has incurred, including travel, lodging, etc.

    Cancellation by Individuals

    Refunds, less a $100 administrative fee, will be given for cancellations prior to September 29, 2023. No refunds will be granted after this date. All cancellations must be submitted via email to registration@vrma.org. Registrations are transferable between individuals from the same company. Note that cancellations for the hotel should be submitted directly to the hotel.

    Anti-Trust Statement

    It is the policy of VRMA, and it is the responsibility of every VRMA member, to comply in all respects with the antitrust laws. VRMA (and, in particular, VRMA meetings and other functions) shall not be used as a means of pursuing anti-competitive practices, including:

    1. Setting prices or other customer charges;
    2. Ensuring parallel contract terms and conditions;
    3. Agreeing not to compete, including allocation of territories or markets; and
    4. Refusing to do business with any supplier, vendor, or customer

    Photography Policy

    On occasion, a VRMA photographer may take photos of participants at the 2023 VRMA International Conference, or of people participating in conference functions or activities. Please be aware that these photos are for VRMA’s use only, and may appear in VRMA conference programs, brochures, newsletters, website and other publications and materials. Your attendance constitutes your permission and consent for this photography and subsequent usage.

    Event Age Restriction Policy

    Children under the age of 16 are not permitted on the exhibit floor or in any conference functions at any time, unless a liability waiver has been signed with VRMA granting permission. Liability waivers are available at the registration desk at the event. VRMA Exhibit Hall Management shall have the sole control over admission policies. All persons visiting the exhibit area, including exhibit booth representatives and children under the age of 16, will be required to register and to wear an appropriate badge.