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    Technology in the Hands of Inspectors, Cleaners, and MX staff: How is this Helpful to Everyone?

    Track: Property Services

    Session Number: 3196
    Date: Wed, Oct 26th, 2022
    Time: 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM


    Field teams will never be replaced by technology, but investing in purposeful tech to support their work demonstrates a commitment to the back of house teams. Purpose-built tech can make their jobs easier, reduce confusion and provide guidance to ensure your team has visibility into and can deliver on your company’s brand standards. But how? Join this session to hear direct feedback from on-the-ground staff on the benefits (and challenges) they’ve experienced by utilizing technology in the field, understand how your guests and owners benefit from this investment and how you can use this to elevate the reputation of your company.
    Session Type: Breakout Session

    Session Type: Breakout Session